Sugar and Fat Calories The Impact of Food Add-Ons sugar and fat calories
Impact of Sugar and Fat Calories
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Sugar and Fat Calories - The Impact of Food Add-Ons

One of the often neglected secrets to weight control is avoidance of various food add-ons such as sugar and fat. It is quite surprising how sugar and fat can increase the caloric value of otherwise healthy foods. This is another concise, practical tip on weight loss from a series of presentations given by Dr. Winston Craig, PhD, RD, MPH.

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Transcript of "Sugar and Fat Calories - The Impact of Food Add-Ons"

Let's look at different foods made from the same basic ingredients: here you have 1 baked potatoe - 110 calories, vs. French fries - 320 calories. Next you have a cup of low-fat milk (1%) - 100 calories, compared to one cup of whole milk - 150 calories and one cup of chocolate milk - 210 calories, which is more than double the calories. Then you compare a can of V8 juice vs. a cup of orange juice vs. a can of orange soda - you can see as you go from the vegetable to the fruit juice to the soda, you are increasing the calories dramatically.

We've already seen this example before: going from an apple (70 calories) to an apple pie (345 calories) to an apple pie with ice cream (650 calories) - we skyrocket. Incidentally, how many apples would you have to eat to get the same amount of calories as the apple pie with ice cream? Are you good at mental Arithmetic, or is it too early in the morning? Yes, nine. Anybody here who has eaten nine apples? I've asked this question in many places of the world, and the most that I've seen was four. Somebody confessed they could eat four apples in a row. You kind of get a sore jaw after the second or third one, don't you? It takes a long time to devour the apple, but apple pie... ah, soo good! It slides down and I better go back and get a second piece...

The same thing with bread (60 calories per slice) vs. a cookie (120 calories per piece) or chocolate cake with chocolate frosting - 445 calories per slice. That's equivalent to sever slices of bread.

You can easily see how with simple foods you can eat a whole lot of them. That's why Dean Ornish has his program of "eat what you like and you'll lose weight". Because if you're eating certain types of foods like apples and bread without all the add-ons, you can actually fill up and feel quite satiated, and you haven't eaten a lot of calories. But when start putting in add-ons, then you are in a situation that is not so good.

This is a transcript of a presentation given by Dr. Winston Craig, RD, PhD, MPH


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