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Weight Loss For Life
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Dr Gily's Weight Loss For Life Program

Welcome to Dr Gily's Weight Loss For Life Program! This is a free, evidence-based, user-friendly program designed to help your weight loss efforts!

What is Dr Gily's Weight Loss For Life Program?

It is a personalized, comprehensive, online weight loss program. It incorporates the latest scientific recommendations for weight management.

How Does This Weight Loss Program Work?

This is a comprehensive program in that it addresses the three major factors that are key to weight control: diet, exercise and behavior.

First you have to create a weight loss account. Our free, personalized weight loss profile gives you an idea about what your needs are.

Based on your personal data, we create customized recommendations for you. In the members-only area of our site you can monitor the calories you eat and burn, record your weight, interact with others through the members forum, etc. Also, you will be enrolled in our structured weight loss teaching program - The 10 Commandments of Weight Loss.

Dr Gily's Weight Loss For Life is also progressive: it takes you from where you are and takes you into a life-changing, learning experience.

Natural Weight Loss Program

We promote a natural approach to weight loss. By this we mean a permanent change in lifestyle compatible with good health that generates a gradual but sustained weight change towards your individual ideal body weight.

Who is Dr. Gily?

Dr. Gily holds a Masters degree in human nutrition from Andrews University, USA. He also holds an MD degree and is currently working as an Internal Medicine physician in the US.

Are Online Weight Loss Programs Efficient?

Recent research has shown that the Internet can provide a viable approach for delivering structured behavioral weight loss programs and may be a more convenient and acceptable alternative to face-to-face treatment for some patients.

Is This Program Scientific?

In a field full of false promises and outrageous claims unsupported by science, we take pride in the fact that our pogram promotes only scientifically sound weight loss principles. To design this program, we have used the latest recommendations for the treatment of overweight and obesity from the landmark report Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults main resource published by the National Institutes of Health.

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